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Who is “Notch”?

Join us as we look into the life and times of Markus “Notch” Persson, creator and mastermind behind minecraft.

Born March 1st, 1979 in Stockholm Sweden, Notch was raised by his mother and father after they immigrated to Sweden from Denmark before Notch turned one year old. His father taught mathematics at a university level, while his mother stayed home to take care of Notch. Notch has always had a natural talent for creativity, this was most evident when he was in elementary school when his teacher would give out art assignments and Notch’s works would always stand out among the other children in his class.

Notch moved on to middle school where he began to develop his other love, computers. It was here that he gained an interest in programming and began to teach himself various coding languages including C++, which is now one of the most popular languages among developers.

After graduating from middle school Notch attended a high school for gifted students where he continued to excel at programming. After graduating high school Notch decided to take a gap year and not continue on with college. He had been accepted to the prestigious Chalmers University of Technology but was unsure if he wanted to go or not. This gap year would prove to be quite significant in Notch’s life, as it is during this time where things really started to take off for him.

During this time Notch worked odd jobs here and there while continuing to expand his programming knowledge. It was during this time where he created a small game called Wurm Online along with his friend, who at the time was working for a company developing 3D graphics. They released this game through their newly created company, Persson and Associates (renamed later to Oxeye Game Studios). Notch worked on Wurm Online part time while holding down a full time job in order to support himself.

It wasn’t until 2009 when Notch left his day job in order to work on Wurm Online full time. It was during this time that he gained the attention of Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Wurm Online. Notch began to invest money into Wurm Online, not only providing additional funding but also using his influence to propel the game forward.

After investing more and more time into Wurm Online it was starting to look grim for Notch as he was beginning to lose money on the project. You can use https://minebrowse.com/ in order to browse servers on minecraft. In order to keep things afloat, Notch had to take out a loan from his employer in order to provide additional funding for the game. It was during this time where he decided that what he really wanted to do was focus on smaller projects that were more manageable and able to be completed within a shorter amount of time.

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