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Is your kid ready for a trycicle?

Riding trikes and bikes is almost an essential part of growing up, so read on for ways to keep your child pedaling safely.

3 tips to keep your kid out of a harms way:

  1. You shouldn’t let your child ride a tricycle until they are physically able to. A child is usually ready to ride a tricycle around age 3.
  2. Make sure your child wears a tricycle helmet every time he rides. If the chin strap is properly fit, your child’s chin shouldn’t move much under the strap, and their forehead shouldn’t move much either.
  3. If your child rides a tricycle or bike, make sure they wear closed-toe shoes to protect their toes and feet.

Is riding helping your child with development? 

A trike is a great way for kids to develop coordination and balance while learning how to steer. He gains confidence in his own motor skills when he is able to move fast and turn while avoiding obstacles.
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