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7 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of all Time


YouTube is home to some of the most popular videos of all times, from catchy tunes to funny viral videos. You might like to assess some of these videos, whether you’re going to look only for the hidden sauce of all the viral videos mostly on the world. Wouldn’t worry, we are doing work for you to break up what made these YouTube videos the best you’ve ever seen on YouTube.



Looking at the 2017 Billboard’s 100 Hot Songs, you will find Despacito at number two. It is quite clear that famous songs could also become YouTube videos that are highly viewed. It is quite clear, however, why this video is the best-watched video on YouTube with over 615 billion video views. You do have a music factory repeating where you can just watch this same song again. Spotify has been popular back in the year 2017 but not so popular today. The video in Despacito seems to have all the characteristics of a famous music video: dancing sequences, people who look great, palm trees, club scene, naturisms and, naturally, the song to which you can sing the most. The video song is completely in Spanish, which makes it among the three videos which are not English in this top 10 greatest viewed YouTube list.


Shape of You 

The second best-seen YouTube video seems to be the music video Shape of You, with more than 4.18 billion views. Some other interesting tidbits have been the rank one mostly on 2017 Hot 100 Billboard Songs to beat Despacito. Contrasted to the majority of videos, in which the vocalist sings on even a camera, the song looks like the 4-minute film telling the storey of even an athletic pair. The music video of the film-style is not too prevalent, making it an exciting love storey to look at. Still, some hilarious moments are the very last match in which Ed Sheeran, as well as the fight of a sumo wrestler. It also contains a profound message of female empowerment: Sheeran is indeed a faint person in comparison to her love.


See You Again 

The Fast & Furious seven-film seems to be the main song once more. Paul Walker, another of the stars, died well before his launch in such a best-known car crash. The song & music videos are a homage to the Fast & Furious series of Paul Walker. If you read through the comments of its video, you’ll see a few of Paul Walker’s notes trying to suggest that he suddenly dies from the video. The track also was widely known sufficiently in 2015 to gain 3rd place, mostly on Hot 100 billboard. The sad expression of its song as well as the video are worth a look. Emotions could even make the video viral, which can play a major role. Everybody could deal with the pain of losing the loved person, which actually makes it among the most-watched YouTube videos ever.


Masha and the Bear

The 4th most-watched YouTube video, including over 3.56 billion views, seems to be Masha as well as the Bear: Disaster Recipe. Shockingly, somehow the video has a large proportion of dislikes, with about 2.5 million people disliking it while only 4.5 million people like it. What decided to make this Russian animated video so famous in short? The short probably became famous because it was designed for children. Child-friendly content generally performs well on YouTube (later, you will learn more in this paper). Also, if you ever do not speak Russian, the storytelling component is understandable, making this a simple watch. Moreover, the storey has funny moments for young kids.



Uptown Funk 

The first song of its Billboard 100 Hot in 2015 was Uptown Funk. The success of its song is because of the absence of even a chorus & a slow tempo, says Joe Bennett, a music professor from Bath Spa University. The song stands out from these two elements. As we have seen on just this list with some other songs, it’s indeed more easygoing to score among the most popular YouTube videos with such a number one hit. Bruno Mars also performed halftime during the Super Bowl 2014, helping to raise his success and end up making his video sensational. The video on its own feels like old school, making itself a unique look you can no longer see in the videos.


Gangnam Style 

As the most popular YouTube video ever, Gangnam Style was the very first video on YouTube to have a billion views. This music is undeniably catchy; however, the video does not appear before with an extraordinary level of its mainstream US media. The stupid dance is moving in unanticipated places, just making it fun watching the video. Because let’s be honest, Psy’s dancing moves probably have been tried by you. The video has the carefree element that makes it very easy to enjoy while watching the video. With more than 3.4 billion videos on YouTube ever since its release in July of 2012, it is quite evident that such a video was really a tremendous success due to the colourful personality of Psy.



Sorry, the 7th, the more watched video on YouTube, is a very unique video of music. I’ve been waiting and waiting for J. Bieber, all over three minutes and twenty-five seconds. It’s essentially a Godot YouTube music video waiting for that because the Biebs never turns up. *spoiler warning* Instead, an all women’s dance team is in neon dress as well as expressive faces throughout the music video. These are some of the grounds why this music video could have been widely known is since you can start dancing with simple movements literally. Some people may have chosen to append it over to a YouTube playlist, which would help increase the views it receives. But besides this, Justin Bieber has 4 music videos of over 1 billion views on YouTube, so his 44.46 million subscribers on YouTube are likely to help increase the viral success of his videos.


Final Words

Some popular feats which are worth exploring are by far the most viewed YouTube videos of any and all time. Music does have a powerful way for you to watch on even a loop. And do not be afraid to experiment with your own songs for the success of YouTube. If you concentrate on linking up common themes such as controversy, humour, and viral trends in all of these videos, you will move closer to the top of the most widely viewed YouTube videos.


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