Nagios::Plugin::DieNicely 0.03

Posted on 31/03/

I'm glad I started it out as a module, because now and then I get the opportunity to find out it doesn't do what I (and probably you) expect it to do... I've squatted a bug in v0.03 (uploaded to CPAN during my "silence" in the blogosphere).

If you where using exception handling in perl (maybe you don't do it explicitly, but a module you use does), Nagios::Plugin::DieNicely would catch it, and exit your script instead of the exception being captured in the eval.

I've discovered a couple flaws more in the module...

  • perl -d my_nagiosplugin
    is broken when Nagios::Plugin::DieNicely is used.
  • Nagios::Plugin::DieNicely doesn't play well with the way the Math::Bigint module detects the library it wants to use. Declare the math library you want to use explicitly and everything works OK.
    use Math::BigInt lib => 'Calc';

I haven't had time to look into why these bugs are there. Any ideas?

Pause... But back to blogging

Posted on 31/03/

I haven't been updating the blog lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working :)

These days I'll be posting about some Nagios / Opsview related stuff I've been up to lately.